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SCIP - The complete incubation management platform

Manage incubation for results
SCIP capability
Entrepreneur application
Incubation support management
Messaging feature
Application management
Management of incubation progress
Web conferencing facility
Entrepreneur screening
Mentor/Advisor management
Unified data archival
Work allocation to management teams
Training and event management
Business analytics visualization tools
Knowledge platform
Add on feature for investment management
SCIP capability
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If you are an existing incubator or want to set new incubator. We have a complete digital start-up eco-system to support incubators.

Platform functionality

SCIP has the following modules to bring structure, speed and efficiency to business incubation.

Incubator management

Incubation management team manages process, communication and collaboration, accesses all features and tracks actions related to each entrepreneur start-up on one dashboard from start to close.

Mentor and Expert Management

Onboard mentors, application forms, engagement, selection, profile management, schedule mentoring sessions, and mentor-entrepreneur engagement tracking.

Incubation progress management


Select the metrics you want your start-ups to report on using BI tool.


Separate dashboards for entrepreneurs, incubation management team, and mentors to manage their work. All messaging, emails, tools to manage work are accessed from unified dashboard.


Easy scheduling of actions, tasks, and meetings for start-ups, mentors and advisors and track all engagement sessions. Keep track of everyone’s schedule from one application.

Entrepreneur selection

Onboard entrepreneurs, application forms, screening, engagement, evaluation, and selection. 

Map the process and SCIP eases management

Auto trigger of reminders, mails, and messages as task completion triggers to ease management of incubation milestones.

Data Management

Unified archival and access of all emails, video conference meeting, and messaging. Data is retained in the system.

Data Privacy and Security

Secured data infrastructure.

Built-in Chat feature

Communicate with colleagues, entrepreneurs and mentors from the application with in-built chat.

Entrepreneur management 

Manage selected entrepreneurs, create development plans, establish milestones, track and report progress.

Training and Events Management

Schedule, track and manage fully online training workshops, and networking events using online conference platform. 

BI & visualization tool

Track, measure, and monitor the start-ups being incubated. Customize reports and analysis as needed for managing incubation of entrepreneurs or the incubator performance.

Built-in conferencing feature

Schedule and manage video conferences and meetings. Record everything for future use.

Payment gateway


Features that can be added

If an incubator desires to add an investment feature to incubation, SCIP has an angel network capability built in. Please go to for details.

Stnd feat

Standard features

New Incubators

Want to start a new incubator. SCIP has everything you need to start and grow an incubator.

New In
Operating In

Operating Incubators

You run an existing incubator. SCIP has everything you need to manage your existing incubator. We will assist you to onboard existing process and data.

Corporate Incubators

We help large corporate establish innovation culture using intrapreneurs and startups. SCIP can be used as a platform for identifying and incubating internal and externally discovered startups. The startup eco-system of SCIP makes commercial testing of innovations fast and efficient. SCIP can take responsibility to organize idea and startup discovery competitions using the platform.

Corp Incub
Edu In

Educational Institutions

Plan an incubation in an educational institution. SCIP has features to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among students in school and colleges. We provide an online curriculum and faculty training to help school and college entrepreneurs create start-ups. SCIP can also organize online competitions using the conference platform.


Coworking Spaces

SCIP has features to support your start-up co-working space.

Digital Startup Ecosystem

SCIP has platforms to enable entrepreneurs start and grow a great business.


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